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Terms of use of the platform y and conditions of contract and services offered from these platforms.

Users of platforms and agree to have read and understood the conditions of use of said platforms (hereafter the web) and the conditions of contracting of the services offered by them, and described below. The contents of these pages and on-line reservation services which these pages provide through this site are owned, managed and supplied by the company BUSONLINE Ltd.


1.- Conditions of regulation of our reservations service center.

Through the web, an online platform is provided through which transport companies offer their services and visitors to the website can make reservations. In making a reservation through or you enter into a direct contractual relationship with the company with which you have booked. Busonline Ltd. acts solely as an intermediary between you and the carrier, transmitting the reservation data to the transport company and sending you a confirmation e-mail on behalf of said carrier.

The information shown on the web is based on that provided by the transport companies, and although we try to make sure all the details are correct, we do not take charge of nor are responsible for errors in the information displayed, falling this responsibility on the carrier in question. In addition our website is completely unbiased when displaying and offering transport services. In the case of reviews and comments from users, we simply transcribe information about the service offered by each company, according to the experiences of previous users, if they have wanted to show their opinion.


2.- Prices

The prices website / include VAT and other taxes included (subject to change of such taxes).

The price offered on our web / is valid for bookings made at the same time in which the request is made for said rate. If the reservation is not made at the same time as the request for a rate, it may happen that in a subsequent application for price, the rate is different (higher or lower) depending on the price set by each firm at that time.


3.- Reservation policy and payment for services.

Payment for services will be through a bank transfer or credit card directly to the carrier. At the time of the reservation you will be charged 20% of the journey to the card specified by the customer. The remaining amount shall be paid in the same way as the original deposit, at least 3 working days in advance before the start of the service to the same credit card.

Working days are considered as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, excluding holidays nationwide. Saturday and Sunday are not considered working days.


4.- Cancellation and modification of the service

The cancellation policy is governed by the following table;

  • 1.- Cancellation 3 days prior to departure: No cost,
  • 2.- Cancellation from 3 working days to 24 working hours prior to departure: Cost of 20% of the trip.
  • 3.- Cancellation within 24 working hours before the start of the service, 50% of the cost of the trip.
Working days are considered as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, excluding holidays nationwide. Saturday and Sunday are not considered working days.

In the case where the user wants to modify the contracted service, the user must apply to the carrier which may or may not authorize such modifications. These modifications can be requested before or during the carrying out of the service, and if approved, may have an extra cost added to the price of the original service quoted. This additional cost will be paid directly to the carrier.


5.- Travel regulations

Regulation (EC) 561/2006 * mandatory for all transport of travelers by road by coach within the European Union

Driving hours
The driver is required to stop for a 45-minute break after four and a half hours' driving, this break may be replaced by a 15 minute break followed by a 30 minute break, both included within a driving period of 4 ½ hours.

A driver may not drive more than 9 hours a day

Time of maximum availability
From the time the service begins until it ends the service of the Coach / Minibus may be enjoyed up to 13 consecutive hours daily if the trip is with a single driver, i.e. if for example one day the service starts at 9.00 a.m. it must end at 22.00 at the latest that day. This time can be extended to 19h if the trip is with two drivers.

In addition to these rules and norms, if the trip lasts more than one day, one must keep in mind that the rest time between one day and another day will be equal to or greater than 11 uninterrupted hours.


6.- Responsabilities and insurance

According to current legislation, vehicles used by companies that offer their services through / are covered by the following insurance policies

Passengers insurance;

  • Obligatory civil Liability under the Law of Civil Liability and Insurance and Motor Vehicle Traffic, 7th Additional Provision of Law 30/1995 of November 8, of Regulation and Supervision of Private Insurance.
  • Voluntary civil Liability up to 50,000,000 Euros. under Article 12 of Royal Decree 443/2001, of April 27, regulator of school Transportation and minors.
  • Obligatory passenger insurance.
These insurance policies cover contingencies arising during journeys in the contracted vehicle, according to current legislation, not covering any incidents / accidents that may affect travelers outside of the vehicle in which they made their trip.

Likewise, the transport companies will be responsible for any damage to luggage placed in the boot of the vehicle, up to 14.5 euros/ kg per 15 kgs of luggage per passenger transported. They shall not be liable for any damage / loss / stolen hand luggage of travelers.

If because of the features of your luggage you would like more coverage than that offered by the transport companies, you should hire insurance apart.

It is the responsibility of the transport companies to have the insurance listed above updated, and in no event shall any liability be of busonline Ltd for accidents / incidents that may occur during the course of a journey contracted.

According to what is stated here, we are only responsible for those damages attributable to our obligations with respect to our services, up to a total amount of the total cost of your reservation.

We will not be responsible for:

Direct or indirect damage due to poor provision or failure to provide the requested service (hotel reservations, airline tickets, lost production, personal injuries or others), falling this responsibility to the carrier, to the extent which is deemed by law.

Damages or losses suffered by the malfunction of our website.

Any dispute which may arise in relation to the services provided by the website will be governed by the courts of Valladolid.



You can consult our privacy policy for more information.


8.- Additional correspondence

By completing a booking, you will receive an email with the confirmation of same. In addition, once completed the service we will send you another email in which we will ask you your opinion about the service received. This survey will help us to inform prospective users about the experiences of traveling with the various companies which are offered by this website.


9.- Comments

We reserve the right to delete those comments from users of the transport companies which we do not deem appropriate.


10.- Intellectual property

The software necessary for the operation of the website is owned by busonline Ltd, the reproduction of any part of same being prohibited without express permission.


11.- About and and are platforms to book travel by coach, minibus and cars with a driver, which are the property of Busonline Ltd with the following tax details;

Tax domicile: c/Río Sequillo nº 9. 47170 Renedo de Esgueva Valladolid (España). COMPANY TAX ID NUMBER; B-47694153.


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