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If you are looking to rent a bus or minibus in any city in Spain: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia ... With Oferbus you can choose from numerous companies, get prices instantly and hire online your minibus or bus.

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What is Oferbus?

We are a search engine for coaches and minibuses in Spain. Compare prices online with a single application and plan the perfect trip for you!

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Who is in Oferbus?

Almost 80 bus companies from all over Spain make their prices available to you. Enter, compare between dozens of budgets and choose the one that best fits your needs.

Alquiler de microbuses

How to use it?

At any time because the tool itself will return some budgets. And if your trip is complex we will study it, and we will give you an answer in 48 working hours.

Minibuses, buses and much more

Not everything revolves around rent of minibus in Madrid, Barcelona or any Spanish city. Here we will try to surprise you with varied articles, because any excuse is good for traveling.

What is ComparteBus Madrid?

'ComparteBus' is a new service that offers "" thanks to which you can save on the rental of your minibus or bus.

The idea is simple, once you ask for a budget for your trip we give you the option to talk with other groups of travelers that go to the same destination and on the same dates as you. When you agree, you can rent a vehicle with more seats and share the expenses, saving up to 60%.

Do you cheer up?

* For now this service is only available for trips with departure in Madrid. 



Children's chairs on buses or minibuses

One of the questions that most of us ask our customers is the relative to the use of safety seats for children in the coach or minibus hired. Current regulations do not require that children, no matter how small, should be in a safety seat like the one we use in cars.

The only thing that says is that, if the bus or microbus has safety belts, travelers should make correct use of them. In addition, the seat belts that buses have are two points (in the vast majority of cases). Therefore, it is not possible to place safety seats either, since being only hooked on the bottom part, they risk overturning in case of sudden braking or accident. So the safest way to travel in the coaches, today, is for the children to sit in the seat, with the safety belt fastened.

If the child is so small that he can not sit, he would have to go in the arms of his mother or father or in a chair placed in the opposite direction of the march, but without support.

Minibus hire in Spain 

There are many of you who ask us for rent a minibus without a driver. But by law we cannot do it, we are obliged to be a minibus with driver. In Spain is forbidden to rent a minibus, bus or minivan, from 9 seats, without driver. With the exception that you are a coach company. If you wish, you can consult more extensively the regulations valid in this case, in the "Law of Land Transportation (LOTT)".

That's the reason why all the online quotes we give include the driver and vat. We give you final price with all expenses included so there are no unpleasant surprises and you can rent a bus reliably.

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